Mission & Vision

“We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of people with our products and services”

Mission & Vision

"We strive to make a positive difference in the lives of people with our products and services"

About Us

With a legacy of over 8 decades, Dalda Foods Ltd. has always believed in building relationships by enhancing the quality of lives of millions and spreading smiles. Dalda Foods is the leading edible oil and fats company in Pakistan, which is continuously expanding its line of businesses by making a mark in the dairy, snacks and other food related categories. The company aims to touch millions of lives daily even in the remotest of areas, offering products and services to cater to varied consumer needs.

Dalda Foods’ vision of providing value-added foods to everyone is being brought to life through the company’s large portfolio of brands. The company is presently operating in three food categories; edible oils and fats with iconic brands like Dalda, Planta, Manpasand and Tullo; dairy category with liquid tea whitener Dalda CupShup and the snacks sector with Knockout Potato Chips and Bash Corn Puffs. More than just nutrition, taste and wholesome goodness, these are the lifestyle choices which offer trusted options in health and convenience.

As the market leader in oils and fats category, Dalda Foods strives to meet and exceed the consumers’ expectations. Every brand is built on the core values of quality and trust and is a testament to the company's commitment to raise the benchmark in customized product development.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy revolves around practicing the highest level of ethical standards and shared mindset of providing the superior quality of products to our customers. Every day we embark on an exciting journey of expansion, innovation and growth, embracing the deeply embedded values we live by, to bring healthy and flavorful smiles in your lives. We understand and value your trust, which is why we never stop to evolve in what matters to you the most.


We feel honored to work with a diverse group of people. They play an integral part in supporting the organization to achieve sustainable growth and inspire others for a more promising future. The relationship with our customers has always been a driving factor in our business and we hold ourselves accountable for fulfilling our responsibilities towards our people and our homeland.


Creating opportunities for communities through various initiatives in education, research and health is our passion and we always strive to make every effort to pursue this further.

Our Journey

It all began in the year 1937; the year that saw the advent of an oil company which later on became Dalda Foods Ltd. Since then, it has been on an evolving journey to improve the quality of lives by providing healthy choices to all people. Dalda Foods is focused on being the best and providing the best.

With diversified businesses and adding value to a number of food categories, Dalda Foods has innovated new products; touching millions of lives every day.

Our business is dynamic, our teams are diverse, and the purpose and vision we all share has made Dalda Foods, the unique and leading food company it is today. We continue to strive towards providing the best, and look forward to an exciting future of even greater growth and prosperity for all involved.

Dalda: Through the Ages

  • 1930s
    | | | |
    The Birth of an Iconic Brand

    The birth of Dalda in 1937, under the name ‘Vanaspati’.

  • 1950s
    | | | |
    Entering Pakistan

    Dalda starts business in Pakistan with its first plant in Rahim Yar Khan.

  • 1980s
    | | | |
    From Cooking Mediums to a Cooking Expert

    Dalda becomes a household name with its Magazines and TV Shows.

  • 1990s
    | | | |
    Beyond the Kitchen

    Dalda launches Dalda Advisory Service, strengthens connection with consumers.

  • 2004
    | | | |
    From Unilever to Dalda Foods

    Dalda evolves from a leading brand into a foods company.

  • 2005
    | | | |
    Creating a Footprint Worldwide

    The only Pakistani oil brand exporting to international markets.

  • 2006
    | | | |
    Expanding the Portfolio

    Introducing new brands: Manpasand and Dalda Olive Oil.

  • 2007
    | | | |
    Acquiring Tullo

    Dalda Foods acquires Tullo and its full range of variants.

  • 2011 - 2012
    | | | |
    Achieving Milestones and Recognition

    Dalda Foods continues to lead and innovate the cooking oil industry.

  • 2014
    | | | |
    Introducing the Health Shield

    Taking care of our consumer’s health by providing the best.

  • 2015
    | | | |
    On a Winning Streak

    DFL continues to win Environmental Excellence and Consumer Choice Awards.

  • 2015 - 2018
    | | | |
    New Categories

    Introducing Dalda CupShup, Knockout Potato Chips and BASH Corn Puffs.

  • 2018 - 2019
    | | | |
    Dalda: Becoming a Voice

    Dalda furthers its commitment to mothers with ‘Meri Awaz’.