Can’t live without eating out almost everyday? We get the feeling. Living in Karachi, however, makes eating out extremely fun. Not only are there are so many options to try from but the enthusiastic way every food place sells its offerings is quite contagious. Passing by Nihari Inn, you will see the karahi waala hard at work at frying onions and sautéing tomatoes. It’s hard to ignore food when everyone around seem to be so consumed by it. Welcome to Karachi.
Here are 5 places you must try at Boat Basin if you’re a food lover:
1- Karachi Broast
It’s highly unlikely that if you live in Karachi, you would have escaped the cult of Karachi Broast. Serving crispy fried chicken with a creamy garlic-y flavoured dip, this is where all your food cravings come to find a fix. At a cost of Rs.250, the quarter broast combo with fries, bun and dip at KB is quite a steal! One place that you absolutely shouldn’t miss.
2- Chapli Kebab House
Chapli Kebab House is a relatively new entrant on the Boat Basin strip but it’s not to be taken lightly. Chapli Kebab, by design, are a hot favourite of locals and when served with crispy parathas they make a mouth-watering combo that is hard to say no to. When showing your friends from Lahore around, get them to eat out at Chapli Kebab for a uniquely delectable experience.
3- Nihari Inn
Nihari Inn is to Boat Basin what food in general is to Karachi. It’s quite inseparable and THE go-to place for people looking for a family seating arrangement along with delicious food. While plain nihari is the more popular choice among visitors, nalli nihari is reserved for the food veteran who is looking for a different twist on the good ol’ staple.
4- Tandoori Hut
While popular for its BBQ offerings, it’s probably the only restaurant in the Boat Basin strip that makes delicious paaye. You can sit outdoors on a settee or order in while sitting in your car, but the food from Tandoori Hut is sure to leave a mark on your tastebuds.
5- Chips
Many hearts were broken when the news of Chips closing down came around. It is not surprising that hardly a week later, it was salvaged by someone who didn’t want to see it close. Serving delicious club sandwiches, burgers and other fast food items, Chips is the place to go if you’re looking for a quick bite.